I work on projects ranging from landing pages and blogs to custom storefronts. Responsive, mobile-first sites that load fast and stay fast. Friendly content management that allows anyone to be an editor.

Server-side applications

Custom APIs, cloud services (storage, networking, analytics) and other backend applications, such as content management systems (CMS). Data processing solutions and dashboards.


Online payments setup. Add quick & intuitive checkout to your website. Product management, with support for rich content such as colour thumbnails, variant images, and more. Tailored solutions for any scenario.


I work with reliable, secure databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB. I make data management easier with dashboards and no-code smart spreadsheets.

Custom integrations

Run separate websites on a single server and domain. Unify multiple data sources via custom APIs. Integrate with 3rd party services on your website.


Stop doing repetitive tasks manually. Let custom automation scripts and programs do the work for you. Notifications that fire based on specific conditions and events. Batch processing of files and more.